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Adele Profile - All About Adele

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Title: Adele Profile - All About Adele


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Adele Personal Fact

Birth Name : Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Birth Date : May 05, 1988
Birth Place : Tottenham, London, UK
Height : 5' 9"
Nationality : British
Education : Graduated from BRIT School in May 2006

Adele Family

Father : Mark Evans
Mother : Penny Adkins

Claim to fame 

Famous as : Soul/Jazz singer
Popular for : Single "Chasing Pavements" (2008)

Adele's Early Life and Education:

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born May 5, 1988 in London, England. She began singing at a very early age and enjoyed singing the songs of female groups like the Spice Girls and Destiny's Child. She is a graduate of the BRIT School in Croydon which is known for also nurturing the talent of Leona Lewis and Amy Winehouse.

Getting Noticed:

Adele has utilized a MySpace site to gain notice among pop music fans. She toured as an opening act for her close friend Jack Penate in 2006. By late 2007 she was beginning to headline shows. Adele was offered a contract and signed with the label XL Recordings. Exposure came from BBC Radio 1 playing her single "Daydreamer" and an appearance on the TV show Later With Jools Holland.

19 and "Chasing Pavements":

In January 2008, amid acclaim from the BBC as one of the top artists to watch in 2008, Adele's single "Chasing Pavements" was released followed closely by her debut album 19. "Chasing Pavements" reached #2 on the UK pop singles chart while the album debuted at the very top. Follow up singles were not as successful, but Adele maintained her critical reputation as one of the top new artists of the year. However, success in the US eluded her despite strong video airplay for "Chasing Pavements" on the VH1 network.

Adele on Saturday Night Live:
Good karma found Adele in October 2008. It seemed that the opportunity for a breakthrough in the US had passed by, but she was booked to perform on Saturday Night Live as musical guest. Fortunately, for Adele, it was the same week as a high profile appearance by US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The unusually large amount of viewers helped propel "Chasing Pavements" to the top of the iTunes download chart and send the album 19 ultimately to #11 on the US album chart.

Adele's Awards:
Adele's album 19 was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize for UK Album of the Year in 2008. The MTV Video Music Awards gave "Chasing Pavements" a nomination for Best Video Choreography. At the 2009 Grammy Awards Adele took home the honors of Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal. She was also nominated for three 2009 Brit Awards including Best British Song and Best British Breakthrough Act.

'21' and "Rolling In the Deep":

Adele returned late in 2010 with a new, critically acclaimed single "Rolling In the Deep." It was the preview for her second album 21. Most of the production on the album was done by Rick Rubin and Paul Epworth. Upon release 21 went straight to #1 in the UK racking up the best January first week sales since the debut of Arctic Monkeys in 2006. 21 is scheduled for US release in February 2011.

Adele Biography

Adele BiographyNominee - 51st GRAMMY® Awards
Best New Artist
(For a new artist who releases, during the Eligibility Year, the first recording which establishes the public identity of that artist.)

Meet one of 2008's most exciting new talents. Even before she's released a note of music – and at barely 19 – ADELE has already chalked up a Jools Holland appearance, worked with Jim Abiss, Eg White and Mark Ronson, signed to XL Recordings and supported Jack Penate, Raul Midon, Amos Lee and Devendra Banhart.

"As soon as I got a microphone in my hand, when I was about 14, I realised I wanted to do this," she says. "Most people don't like the way their voice sounds when it's recorded. I was just so excited by the whole thing that I wasn't bothered what it sounded like."

A fan of such diverse artists as Jill Scott, Etta James, Billy Bragg, Peggy Lee, Jeff Buckley and The Cure, Adele's soul-tinged songs of love's lost and memories made are set to resonate with all who hear them.

"I've got no problem explaining what my lyrics are about," ADELE says. "I really like poetry: I'm not very good at reading it, but I love writing it. Singers like Jill Scott and Karen Dalton are amazing; proper poets."

"The whole album is about being between 18 and 19; about love," she continues. "'Daydreamer' is about this boy I was in love with, like proper in love with. He was bi and I couldn't deal with that. All the things I wanted from my boyfriend, he was never going to be. I get really jealous anyway, so I couldn't fight with girls and boys. It's quite a sad album, [with songs about] being cheated on and not getting what you want". 

Anchoring it all together is ADELE's incredible voice. As immediate as it is undeniable, its power is matched only by her Force 10 personality. "I've always liked being the centre of attention, yes," she laughs.

ADELE is from a resolutely un-musical family. "It all comes from impersonating The Spice Girls and Gabrielle," the teenager cheerfully explains. "I did little concerts in my room for my mum and her friends. My mum's quite arty; she'd get all these lamps and shine them up to make one big spotlight. They'd all sit on the bed." Later, when her dad's best friend, a dance producer, rightly declared ADELE's voice 'wicked', he invited her to record a cover of 'Heart Of Glass'. The first time she got a microphone in her hand, she realised her calling.

Secondary school proved instructive in as much as it gave ADELE an outlet to "meet all the R&B kids" and "sit around the playground singing." But it was a pretty rough place and pursuing music there was something of a challenge, on account of the fact that ADELE wanted to sing and perform her songs but "the teacher was a bit rubbish. They gave me a really hard time, trying to bribe me, saying that if I wanted to sing I had to play clarinet to sing in the choir. So I left."

So ADELE upped sticks, signing up to The Brit School, the Selhurst college whose alumni number Amy Winehouse, members of The Feeling and Kate Nash. However she had her misgivings...

"If I hear someone's from stage school I'd think they were a dickhead, and I know it might make me sound like that. But it had free rehearsal rooms and free equipment and I was listing to music all day, every day for years. The music course was really wicked. There was no dancing or anything like that. No jazz hands."

During her second year, ADELE's resolve to be a singer was given a little extra boost – Shingai Shoniwa, the turbo-lunged vocalist with The Noisettes moved in next door. "She's an amazing singer. I used to hear her through the walls. I'd go round and we'd jam and stuff like that. Just hearing her and her music really made me want to be a writer and not just sing Destiny's Child songs. "

Despite being quick off the mark on MySpace – her friend set up a page for ADELE's music on the last day of 2004 – it wasn't until 2006 that labels started noticing her talent. "I'd hate people to think that I was a 'MySpace singer'," she says. "I've got no right to be that. I've got, like, 10,000 'friends', whereas Jack Peñate's got about one million..."

When XL called her in for a meeting, ADELE was nervous enough to take a chum with her. "I never, ever thought I'd get signed. The A&R guy emailed me and I was ignoring it... I didn't realise they [XL] did all these amazing names..."

Despite interest from plenty of other labels, the independent regarded for its one-off, defining acts (for rock band, see The White Stripes; for rapper, see Dizzee Rascal) proved the perfect match for her one-off talent, and XL will put out ADELE's stunning debut album "19" early next year. A single, the beautiful heartbreaker, 'Chasing Pavements' will precede it.

Before that comes ADELE's debut release on Jamie T's Pacemaker Recordings label, 'Hometown Glory' – a stunningly evocative picture of "all my fondest memories of London". 'Daydreamer', a remarkable ballad notable for lyrics like 'feeling up his girl like he'd never felt her figure before' and 'he could change the world with his hands behind his back' has already floored the audience on the prestigious 'Later With Jools Holland'.

"I don't know what's going to happen if my music career goes wrong," she laughs. "I haven't had a proper job yet."

Other Picture

Consider that one unlikely turn of events.Adele All Music Guide BiographyWhen the U.K. press began dubbing Adele "the next Amy Winehouse" in late 2007, the hype didn't touch upon the heavy singer/songwriter influence found in the Londoner's music. Influenced by Suzanne Vega as much as Jill Scott, Adele first made an impression in 2006 when she toured as an opening act for Jack Penate. She had graduated to headlining status by the end of 2007, thanks to BBC Radio 1 playing her single "Daydreamer;" another song, "Hometown Glory," was also released as a single on Jamie T.'s label, Pacemaker. An appearance alongside Paul McCartney and Björk on the BBC 2 television show Later with Jools Holland came next, and a recording contract with XL Recordings was finalized soon after. Early 2008 brought similar luck as Adele found herself atop the BBC's new music talent list, which was compiled from the votes of 150 music critics. That same January, XL issued a new single, "Chasing Pavements," along with her debut album, 19. The title reflected Adele's age at the time of the album's release, and its popularity resulted in the release of several bonus editions throughout the year. ~ David Jeffries, All Music Guide

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